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Getting Started

As a personal trainer and fitness floor staff employee I meet new Y members each week.  Some of them settle right into a routine but many are hesitant and intimidated, which is common if you’re just starting to exercise or joining a new facility. Read More >>

You Have The Power To Make The Right Choices

As a nutrition and fitness counselor, I often wonder why people make the choices that they make. They come to me to get healthier, lose weight, get lean, yet so often they continue to make poor choices. Read More >>

Do You Have True Grit?

In the spirit of the recent movie re-make, let’s consider the word “grit” in another manner.  How about we apply it to exercise? Read More >>

Sometimes the Mirror Does Lie

I've learned that the mirror does lie, not only the one in your bathroom, but the one in your mind's eye as well.